Monday, April 8, 2013

Life of Pi: Multiple Choice Questions

1.       Piscine Molitor Patel is named after
a.       A famous indian
b.      A scientific instrument
c.       A swimming pool
d.      A close family relative
2.       Pi’s dad runs a
a.       Drug store
b.      Veterinary clinic
c.       Zoo
d.      Circus
3.       How does Pi’s dad teach Pi a lesson about wild animals?
a.       Showing him a scar
b.      Feeding a goat to a tiger
c.       Telling him a story
d.      Giving mice to a snake
4.       What’s Pi’s first religion?
a.       Christianity
b.      Hindu
c.       Buddhism
d.      Islam
5.       The Tsimtsum is
a.       Religious text
b.      An animal
c.       A ship
d.      The place he lived
6.       Where’s Pi and his family headed to
a.       Mexico
b.      Canada
c.       USA
d.      Japan
7.       Why do the crew members throw Pi in a boat?
a.       His family’s in the boat
b.      Following protocol
c.       To get the boat down
d.      Get the hyena out
8.       Whose Richard Parker?
a.       Pi’s dad
b.      The tiger
c.       A hyena
d.      Pi’s grandpa
9.       Which animal does Pi not share a boat with?
a.       a tiger
b.      a hyena
c.       a lion
d.      a zebra
10.   Orange Juice floats on a raft made of
a.       Wood planks
b.      Bamboo
c.       Oars
d.      Bananas
11.   Which animal dies on the boat first?
a.       The tiger
b.      The hyena
c.       The zebra
d.      The orangutan
12.   Pi finds cans full of
a.       Water
b.      Soda
c.       Soup
d.      Juice
13.   How does Pi keep his distance from the tiger?
a.       Makes a raft to attach to the boat
b.      He trains him
c.       Hangs on the side of the boat
d.      Builds a plank wall
14.   How does the Hyena die?
a.       A storm carries it away
b.      It starves
c.       The tiger kills it
d.      Pi kills it
15.   How does Pi train the tiger?
a.       A whistle
b.      An oar
c.       A spear
d.      A whip
16.   Why is it hard for Pi to hunt fish?
a.       He loves fish
b.      He’s a vegetarian
c.       He doesn’t like to hunt
d.      None of the above
17.   How does Pi react after killing a fish?
a.       Cries
b.      Rejoices
c.       Throws it back
d.      Eats it immediately
18.   What kept Richard Parker from attacking Pi?
a.       Sleeping
b.      Sea sickness
c.       A hurt leg
d.      Fear of Pi
19.   Which animal is Pi happy to see on the life boat?
a.       Richard Parker
b.      The zebra
c.       The hyena
d.      Orange Juice
20.   What almost tips the life boat over?
a.       A tanker
b.      A shark
c.       A dolphin
d.      A submarine
21.   What does Pi find on the island?
a.       People
b.      Meerkats
c.       Another tiger
d.      Monkeys
22.   What scares Pi a bit when being on the island?
a.       Finding skulls
b.      Sharks surrounding it
c.       Finding a human tooth
d.      There’s only meerkats
23.   Why does nothing stay alive on the island besides meerkats?
a.       A vicious lion
b.      The acid that surrounds the island
c.       Not enough food
d.      None of the above
24.   What does Pi use to try to get the ship back?
a.       A whistle
b.      Yelling
c.       Red fireworks
d.      Waving a paddle
25.   What does Pi load on the boat for the tiger to eat from the island?
a.       Plants
b.      Meerkats
c.       Fish
d.      All the above
26.   Where does the boat finally land?
a.       USA
b.      Mexico
c.       Argentina
d.      Peru
27.   How does Richard Parker react when landed?
a.       Stays in the boat
b.      Goes into the jungle
c.       Stays by Pi
d.      Lays on the shore
28.   Why was Pi sad when landing?
a.       Missed his family
b.      Missed home
c.       Wanted to ear
d.      Wanted Richard Parker to appreciate him
29.   After the rescue, Pi is interviewed by two officials from the
a.       Japan Ministry of Transport
b.      Japan Department of Police
c.       Japan Shipping Association
d.      Japan Zoological Society
30.   Why does Pi tell the officials a different story?
a.       They didn’t believe his first story
b.      His story didn’t happen
c.       To make it sound more realistic
d.      He didn’t like his real story
31.   Who was the orangutan considered as?
a.       the cook
b.      the sailor
c.       the mom
d.      Pi
32.   Who was they hyena considered as?
a.       The cook
b.      The sailor
c.       The mom
d.      Pi
33.   Who was the zebra considered as?
a.       The cook
b.      The sailor
c.       The mom
d.      Pi
34.   Who was the lion considered as?
a.       The cook
b.      The sailor
c.       The mom
d.      Pi
35.   How do the officials like the fake story?
a.       Like it better
b.      Prefer the animal story
c.       Don’t like either story
d.      Like both stories 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March Lit Analysis

I've chosen to read Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. I haven't started reading yet, but the title seemed interesting to me. Hopefully the book is just as interesting as the title.

BNW Ch.7

-meet John (son of director)
-his mother is Linda from Director's story
-Lenina is disgusted by Linda
-explains that she used contraceptives but something went wrong
-couldn't get an abortion on the reservation
-ashamed to return home with a baby
-used routines from home (sleeping with any man)
-women in village hated her for doing those things practiced at home

BNW ch.6

-Bernard doesn't want to take soma
-wants to feel like an individual
-eventually takes soma
-he wants to visit the reservation
-director tells of a story of how he went with a girl and she got lost 
-realizes that he's revealed too much personal info.
-Bernard gets threatened to get moved to Iceland
-Lenina and Bernard go to the reservation
-forgets to turn off tap
-calls Helmholtz to turn it off
-tells him they're following through with exile to Iceland

Lit Terms Applied

I feel that our quizzes on these lit terms is very challenging. I'm really good at memorization, but having to recognize these terms in context is really hard for me. It's not that these words themselves are difficult it's just trying to be able to pick them out in a paragraph is hard.

Brave New World Ch.5

Chapter 5
-Lenina and Henry fly over a crematorium
-take somas
-oblivious to the world around them
-remember contraceptives
-solidarity service
-pass around soma and while playing rousing hymns
-orgy porgy
-Bernard feels more isolated

Brave New World ch.4

Chapter 4
-Go down go down (repetition)
-sexual description (simile)
-sexual encounter (extended metaphor)
-looking into distance ( extended metaphor)
-Rook? (rhetorical)
-benito hoover
-size is a universal ideal
-Bernard feels out of place
-gets made fun of for being different
-Helmholtz is similar to Bernard
-curious of other life besides what they're taught